Illustrated biography.. Will Tik Tok´s move be the beginning of change in the world of youth employment?

Tik Tok: Apply for your dream job in a short video

Works Application Tech Talk on the development of its services are ongoing, as it is no longer just a platform limited to publish sections of music and videos funny only, but broke into the world of employment also during the year current .

And it launched the Tech Talk during the month of July last service experimental new provoked an uproar and wide around the world, where he decided to test the tool for applications functions allow users to progress directly to the companies using the course of self - visible .

The program is experimental short - range, which was launched by the company TikTok Resumes as an extension of the new from the content that appeared across the platform under the marking CareerTok # and confirmation of the initiatives of the company to influence the students of universities and users younger ones, slide target of users for the application .

It was registered more than 30 companies to accept traffic self - program demo, and met the program sought significant among young newlywed graduates and researchers for jobs .


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