Al Mezan Center calls on the international community to provide protection for Palestinian children

Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights called today, Saturday, for the international community to take urgent and effective action to stop the Israeli violations that target Palestinian children, protect them from the effects and repercussions of military attacks against civilians and public and private property, end the siege of Gaza and ensure respect for the rules of international humanitarian law. And ending the state of immunity that contributes to the continuation and escalation of violations.

In a statement on the occasion of the International Children's Day, which falls on the twentieth of November of each year and was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1959, the Center expressed its concern about the continued Israeli violations of the rules of international humanitarian law and international human rights law, and its concern about the situation of children's rights that It continues to deteriorate due to the failure of the international community to fulfill its legal and moral duty towards civilians in the occupied Palestinian territories, especially the Gaza Strip.

The center said this occasion comes at a time when the effects of material and human damage are still witness to the grave violations against Palestinian children, especially their right to life and physical safety, as the attacks launched by the Israeli occupation forces on the Gaza Strip last May, which lasted (11) One day, 60 children were killed and 630 were wounded.

He added, “The suffering and pain of Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip continues as a result of depriving them of their health and educational rights and the right to an adequate shelter and a safe environment, especially after the targeting of towers, residential homes, educational and health facilities, and infrastructure, and the weakness of international efforts for reconstruction and the continuation of the strict Israeli siege policy, which led to a serious deterioration. in the humanitarian situation.

Economic indicators show an unprecedented deterioration in living standards, as the unemployment rate increased to reach more than half of the workforce in the Gaza Strip, while data from the Central Bureau of Statistics in 2017 indicated that the percentage of the poor reached (53%), a percentage that will increase in light of the continuous deterioration in the population. economic conditions.

He said, "The worsening of the difficult economic conditions, the continuation of the siege and the large-scale military attacks, have exacerbated the psychological effects and feelings of fear and anxiety among children and their families, and families are facing great difficulties in securing the basic needs of children, who constitute 47.5% of the population of the Gaza Strip."

He added, “Children’s health rights are also subjected to deliberate violations as a result of the continuing obstacles to obtaining adequate treatment, and the occupation authorities continue to deny children access to medical facilities due to the continued policy of security refusal and delay in responding to requests for permits necessary for the passage of sick children and their companions through Israeli checkpoints, which It causes serious health complications that threaten the lives of children.”

The data collected by the Center indicate the death of two sick children due to their denial of access to the hospital, as these measures are accompanied by a continuous shortage of medicines and medical supplies in government health facilities. In October 2021, the drug deficit was 37% and the deficit in Medical supplies 21%.

He pointed out that the Corona pandemic had serious effects on children's rights, as thousands of people, especially heads of families, joined the army of the poor and the unemployed after stopping their work, especially day laborers, and public services deteriorated, especially in terms of providing drinking water and treating wastewater, and the electrical power crisis aggravated. That confused the educational process and deprived children of an appropriate learning environment.

In the same context, children faced great challenges in obtaining education during the Corona pandemic, especially after the education supervisors adopted the e-learning system, as a large percentage of students were unable to participate in educational activities that require the availability of smart devices and an Internet access line, and this is not available to Poor families, which make up the majority of the population.

Al-Mezan Center called on the Palestinian government to take measures that would alleviate the pressures on Palestinian children and their families, and ensure the provision of their rights guaranteed in international conventions and treaties, by increasing the volume of government spending and setting financial budgets and programs necessary to support the systems and services of the childhood sector.

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