The Media Forum calls for an end to the impunity of the occupation for its crimes against journalists

The Palestinian Media Forum stressed, today, Tuesday, the need to end the impunity of the Israeli occupation for its crimes committed against journalists and media institutions, and to address its non-compliance with international and humanitarian conventions and laws that affirm the protection of journalists and their institutions during times of conflict.

The Forum stressed in a statement on the occasion of the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists, which falls on November 2 of each year, that the responsibility for this lies with the international institutions concerned with the protection of journalists, demanding that they do their utmost to hold the Israeli occupation accountable for its crimes and not Allow it to pass without serious accountability, especially since the crimes of targeting media institutions are documented in audio and video.

The Palestinian Media Forum called on the Journalists Syndicate to activate its role in pursuing the Israeli occupation in international forums and to shed light on its crimes against journalists, especially in light of the continued detention of 19 journalists in Israeli occupation prisons, as well as the continuous restrictions on journalists during their coverage of events and confrontations in the occupied West Bank and the repeated attacks. They have to confiscate and destroy their press equipment.

The forum stressed that it will continue to expose the crimes of the occupation against journalists and press for the occupation to pay the price for its crimes against them, stressing that “the knights of the Palestinian media will not be intimidated by all the occupation’s attempts to discourage them from performing their professional duty and their national role in conveying the suffering of their people who aspire to freedom and self-determination, like the peoples of the free world.”

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