Report: One million settlers, 199 settlements, and 220 outposts in the West Bank

The Director-General of the Applied Research Institute - Jerusalem "ARIJ" Gad Ishak, said that the number of Israeli settlements in the West Bank (199) is added to them 220 outposts, inhabited by 913,000 settlers, including 350,000 settlers in East Jerusalem occupied).

His remarks came during a meeting with a number of journalists, on Monday.

Jad indicated that the settlers took a new approach to seizing lands by establishing grazing outposts, especially in the Jordan Valley, where 21 illegal outposts were established in the area.

He revealed that since occupying the West Bank, the occupation has issued 113 special military orders to establish 23 industrial settlements on an area of ​​19,831 dunums, in addition to the fact that the occupation revealed plans to establish 35 other industrial settlements in the West Bank on an area of ​​25073 dunums of Palestinian land.

He touched on the confiscation of land under the pretext of quarrying and mining, noting that in October of the year 2021, the occupation announced the deposit of a “regional planning scheme” for mining and quarrying areas for publication, targeting 14,739 dunums in Area C in the West Bank.

He pointed out that the occupation declared (140) sites as a nature reserve in various parts of the West Bank, and demolished more than (250) Palestinian homes (houses, tents and residential barracks) and more than (450) facilities (animal barracks, stores, and shops) under the pretext of Not having a license, in addition to notifying more than (350) homes and other establishments of demolition.

As for the settlers' attacks, more than (760) attacks were recorded by groups of settlers, targeting lands, property, livestock and agricultural wealth, and even Palestinian civilians, causing heavy losses.

He indicated that the area of ​​the settlements is (542 square km), and the length of the bypass roads is (946 km).

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