Bennett: There is no way to establish a Palestinian state, and there is no way to go to peace now

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said today, Sunday, that his government strongly opposes the establishment of a Palestinian state, “and that the creation of state-like entities does not work, and that there is not a single important leader in the region who believes that it is possible for us to go now.” into a peace negotiation process.

And Bennett claimed in an interview with The Times newspaper - excerpts from the Hebrew Ynet website - "that his government has an interest in translating peace with Jordan and Egypt for the benefit of the peoples so that they can feel the fruits of peace."

He pointed out that peace now with those countries remained at the political and diplomatic levels and did not reach the peoples.

Regarding the Iranian nuclear file, Bennett said that Israel is in a cold war with Iran and that it will do everything necessary to neutralize the threat to its regime.


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