Israeli court ruling on settlers owning hundreds of dunums in Hebron

Hebron _ Palestine News Network

The Israeli High Court of occupation ruled in favour of the Jewish National Fund's "Hemingway" foundation on hundreds of dunums of land near the "Gush Etzion" settlement north of Hebron.

According to the newspaper "Yisrael Hume ", those lands, estimated at 255 dunums, belonged to Christian families in the region, before migrating to South America, noting that the land had been in a judicial dispute for 22 years, although the settlers had been in control for 74 years.

It noted that the judges had rejected the Supreme Court's appeal against the decision of the Jerusalem court, which had previously acknowledged that the land was for the Hemingway Foundation of the Jewish National Fund.

According to the paper, the decision would allow the "kibbutz Roche Tsurim" officials within the "Gush Etzion" settlement complex to construct hundreds of settlement units in one of the most sought after settlers in the West Bank.


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