The occupation army arrests a citizen who worked for a Palestinian human rights organization

The Hebrew “Kan” channel reported that the Israeli army arrested Bashir al-Khairi (78 years old) at dawn today, “while he holds high administrative positions in two organizations in Palestinian civil society that Israel has listed as terrorist organizations.”

According to the channel, Al-Khair previously worked in the administration of the Addameer Foundation and in the Union of Agricultural Work Committees.

She pointed out that the Israeli “Shin Bet” believes that these two organizations, which are supervised by the charity, fund the prohibited activities of the Popular Front, through the use of donations collected outside the country on the grounds that they are used to fund the activities of human rights organizations, as they claim.

And the Israeli Defense Minister, Benny Gantz, announced in a statement issued by his office last Friday, the classification of six Palestinian civil institutions as “terrorist” organizations.

In the statement issued by his office, Gantz said: “These organizations operate under the cover of civil society organizations, but in practice they belong and constitute an arm of the Popular Front leadership, which aims to destroy Israel,” as he put it.

Last Friday, the Israeli government announced the removal of 6 Palestinian civil institutions from the law, and considering them “terrorist organizations” for their alleged association with the “Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.”

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