16 Thousand detainees since the setback … “33” female prisoners in the occupation prisons are subjected to repression and abuse

The Palestine Center for Prisoner Studies revealed that the occupation continues to detain 33 Palestinian female prisoners in its prisons, amid harsh detention and living conditions, and they are exposed to all forms of injustice and persecution, and they lack the minimum human rights sanctioned by international laws.
The Palestine Center confirmed that the occupation has escalated in recent months its violations of the rights of female prisoners by confiscating their rights, doubling the storming of rooms, abusing and confiscating their simple purposes, and imposing financial fines on them under the pretext of violating prison laws. But it turns a blind eye to the suffering of dozens of Palestinian female prisoners in the prisons of the occupation and does not intervene to protect them from the ongoing crimes of the occupation against them.
The researcher, Riyad Al-Ashkar, director of the center, explained that the occupation is detaining 33 Palestinian female prisoners in Damoun Prison, including 7 female prisoners, mothers, in addition to elderly, sick, and wounded, all of whom are subjected to an organized campaign of repression, and are deprived of all their rights, and they complain about the lack of privacy as a result of the presence of surveillance cameras around the clock. The clock was set by the prison administration in the corridors of the prison and the al-Fora yard, as well as the bathrooms were placed outside the rooms and allowed to be used at specific times only during the period of going out to the al-Fora.
Al-Ashqar stated that female prisoners are subjected to compelling humanitarian conditions, deprived of all their minimum rights, and subjected to multiple repressive measures, including solitary confinement, deprivation of treatment, education, and humiliating inspection, which proves that what the international community advocates for women's rights are nothing but false slogans that vanish when they It is about the occupation.
Al-Ashqar indicated that the female prisoners also suffer from moving in the Busta, as the occupation deliberately humiliates them with the transportation operations by presenting them to the courts at frequent and frequent intervals to impose more abuse on them. It causes her physical and psychological fatigue and exhaustion. Throughout the travel period, they are tied with iron chains with hands and feet, and they are transported with criminal detainees who often insult and threaten them.
A number of female prisoners suffer from deteriorating health conditions and do not receive any appropriate treatment, led by the wounded prisoner of Jerusalem, “Israa Jaabis”, who needs to undergo several operations that the occupation is procrastinating in performing, and she is serving an 11-year prison sentence, as well as the prisoner Amani Hashim, who was injured during The period of her detention had severe infections in the auditory system, and the prison administration still refused to provide a gynecologist in the prison clinic to care for the female prisoners.
Al-Ashqar revealed that the occupation targets Palestinian women as well as men with arrests, torture and high arbitrary sentences, as cases of arrests among women since 1967, and until today, have reached more than 16,000 arrests, and 8 female prisoners are currently serving sentences of more than 10 years, in addition to Eight female prisoners have been sentenced from 5 to 10 years, while one female prisoner is subject to renewed administrative detention without charge, and she is the prisoner Khitam al-Khatib.
The Palestine Center called on all institutions that sing about women's rights to stand impartially towards the aggravating suffering of female prisoners and to intervene in order to bring them justice, and to stop the crimes they are subjected to by the occupation. Media publishing.

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