Occupation seizes 267 dunums of the Latin Church endowment in the Jordan Valley

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

On Tuesday, the occupying forces seized 267 dunums of land in the villages of Barberlah and Tiaser in Tubas Governorate and the northern Jordan Valley, owned by the Latin Church in Jerusalem, as part of the policy of "hand-laying" taken by the occupation as an excuse to swallow more Palestinian land to expand its settlement. Contrary to international law.

The confiscated land is located at the 159th basin in the area, and near a former camp of the occupying forces, which has recently been rebuilt and provided with rooms and services inside and around it.

This decision poses a real threat to a number of Palestinian families living in the region, where they fear that this decision will be a prelude to deportation from their homes under flimsy security pretexts aimed at controlling more land in favour of settlement.


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