Repression units storm sections in Raymond and the health of the hunger strikers deteriorates

Israeli prison service repression units on Tuesday stormed several rooms in Raymond prison as part of their attempts to suppress and thwart the ongoing strike by prisoners of the Islamic Jihad movement in protest against the arbitrary occupation measures against them.

A spokesman for the High Emergency Committee for Prisoners of Jihad said the crackdown targeted rooms (4, 7 and 14) in section 1 of Raymond prison, where dozens of jailers stormed the rooms, searched them and deliberately detained prisoners.

He said there was an atmosphere of tension among the prisoners in all sections of the prison, who had declared a state of alert.

Meanwhile, the spokesman noted the deteriorating health of prisoners on hunger strike, Mohammed Amoudi and Hosni Issa, amid the prison administration's disregard for their conditions despite the seriousness of their health.He pointed out that Al-Amoudi and Issa have begun their open hunger and water strike since last Wednesday, as part of the steps carried out by the prisoners of jihad in rejection of the repressive measures and sanctions imposed on them by the occupation since the six knights of freedom took their freedom from Jalboa prison on 6 September 2021.

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