Demands for international condemnation of the Israeli escalation against Palestinian journalists

Human rights organizations called for the internationalization of the issue of Israeli targeting of Palestinian journalists; By launching wide campaigns of solidarity with them, in an attempt to pressure the occupation authorities and get them to stop their violations against them.

In a press statement, Skyline International (based in Stockholm) and the European Campaign to Defend Palestinian Prisoners (based in Oslo) called for an international campaign to condemn the Israeli escalation against Palestinian journalists. 

The two organizations are preparing to launch an electronic campaign on social media platforms, this evening, Wednesday, to tweet about targeting Palestinian journalists by the Israeli authorities, calling for the widest participation in the campaign by activists and pioneers of communication sites.

The two European organizations expressed their strong condemnation of the deliberate attacks against Palestinian journalists by the Israeli occupation authorities, warning of the impact of these attacks on the freedom of journalistic work and freedom of opinion and expression.

The joint statement stated, "The right to opinion and expression is a cornerstone of all rights granted to human beings in international conventions and covenants, and its violation is a flagrant violation of international law, United Nations charters and democratic countries in the world."

The two organizations indicated that in the first half of this year, they documented hundreds of Israeli violations against Palestinian journalists in the occupied territories.

The two organizations called for putting pressure on the Israeli government to stop its violations against journalists and the media, and to allow them to express their opinions without threats or intimidation, and without subjecting them to constant arrest and prosecution.

The two organizations called for the international community to intervene; In particular, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression, "David Kaye", to oblige the Israeli authorities to respect the freedom of expression guaranteed in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Freedoms and to stop violations against Palestinian journalists.

The occupation authorities are detaining 21 Palestinian journalists in their prisons, in addition to arresting a number of others; Among them is the correspondent of the "Quds Press International" news agency, Muhammad Mona.

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