Foreign Ministry calls for US intervention to stop the process of separating Jerusalem from its Palestinian environs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates called on the international community, “especially the US administration and countries that claim to adhere to the two-state solution, to intervene immediately and urgently to stop the implementation of colonial projects and schemes that perpetuate the occupation, settlement and the hateful apartheid regime in occupied Palestine.”

The Foreign Ministry said, in a statement issued by it, this evening, Wednesday, that “the occupation authorities aim, through the decision to seize areas of citizens’ lands south of Jerusalem, to resolve the future issues of the final negotiations unilaterally and by force.”

It condemned in the strongest terms the approval of the occupation municipality in Jerusalem today, of a decision to seize tracts of citizens’ lands south of Jerusalem, in favor of constructing public buildings, constructing roads and carrying out construction works in the “Givat Hamatos” settlement.

She explained that this settlement plan aims to complete the separation of Jerusalem from its Palestinian surroundings from the south, especially after the occupation authorities began building the infrastructure of the “Atarot” settlement to separate Jerusalem from the northern side, in addition to changing its cultural features and demographic reality, by suffocating it with huge settlement cities from The four sides and an abhorrent apartheid wall will eventually lead to the fragmentation of the Palestinian demographic and societal structure in Jerusalem, turning it into scattered pieces that are drowning in a huge settlement environment linked to the Israeli depth, which also leads to evictions and forced displacement of entire Palestinian areas and neighborhoods outside the Holy City.

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