The occupation approves a settlement plan to separate Jerusalem from Bethlehem

The so-called “local planning committee” of the occupation municipality in Jerusalem approved today, Wednesday, a decision to seize areas of citizens’ lands south of Jerusalem, in favor of constructing public buildings, constructing roads and carrying out construction works in a settlement. Givat Hamtos".

The Governor of Jerusalem, Adnan Ghaith, told “Wafa” that this settlement plan aims to cut the geographical connection between the governorates of Jerusalem and Bethlehem, tighten control and isolate Jerusalem from its surroundings.

He added that the occupation authorities are seeking to encircle Jerusalem with a belt of settlements, annexing a number of them to the borders of the occupation municipality, and trying to remove some villages and neighborhoods inhabited by Palestinian citizens outside the municipal boundaries, to bring about a change in the demographic and geographic structure of the city.

Ghaith explained that the occupation authorities are seeking to impose a fait accompli, without paying attention to international law and international legitimacy, and are continuing their plans to target the Holy City, pointing out that the new settlement scheme coincides with another major one in the Qalandia region, and the construction of settlement roads to link the settlements together to abort the two-state solution.

He stressed that these Israeli practices, which continue against our people and their sanctities in Jerusalem and all the governorates of the homeland, would not have occurred without the international silence on these practices.

In 2014, the occupation approved a plan to build 2,400 settlement units for the aforementioned settlement, and it was frozen at the time by the occupation government, which refused to publish the tender for this scheme, following international pressure.

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