Jerusalem: A child injured, 3 children arrested

A child was injured and a young man was arrested tuesday evening during clashes with Israeli Occupation Forces in occupied Jerusalem.

The palestinian Red Crescent Society reported that its crews dealt with the injury of a 14-year-old boy with a sound bomb in his foot during clashes that broke out in Bab Al-amoud after which he was taken to hospital.

In the same vein,Israeli soldiers attacked citizens in the vicinity of bab al-amud and salah al-din street, using a exhaust water vehicle to suppress them, while a young "Arabist", Mohammed Abu Sneina, was arrested from the scene. This evening, the Israeli occupying forces also arrested three children from the towns of tor and slwan, occupied Jerusalem.

According to the official news agency, the occupying forces arrested Mohammed Maher Zaytoun,13, Jihad Kaed Al-rugby (10) from Silwan, and Ayham Sufyan Al-hadra (13) from Tor, and turned them into investigations.


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