The occupation forces a citizen to demolish his house in Kafr Qassem

Today, Monday, the Israeli authorities forced a citizen from the city of Kafr Qasem in the 1948 lands to demolish his house under construction.

Eyewitnesses reported that the owner of the house demolished his house on his own, to avoid the heavy fine that he would pay if Israeli bulldozers demolished it.

According to the Arab 48 website, Palestinian towns inside the country witnessed an escalation in the demolition of homes, shops, and industrial workshops, under the pretext of not having a license, as happened in Ein Mahel, Jaffa, Shefa Amr, Qalansuwa, Kafr Yasif, Arara, Umm al-Fahm, Lod, Sakhnin, and Harfish. and towns in the Negev and others.

And the occupation authorities have recently continued to harass citizens inside the 48 lands, especially in the Negev region, through almost daily raids aimed at seizing lands, razing agricultural crops and demolishing homes.

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