occupation attacks jerusalemites near bab al-amud and clashes in silwan

israeli occupation forces attacked, beat and beat jerusalem youths near bab al-amud in occupied jerusalem on saturday evening.

according to eyewitnesses, the occupying forces attacked a number of young jerusalemites while they were near bab al-amud, fired bolsian dogs at them and beat them, before arresting one of them.

eyewitnesses added that the israeli occupation forces pursued the youths on sultan suleiman street in jerusalem, after forcing them to leave bab al-amud by force.

clashes broke out saturday evening between citizens and israeli forces in the occupied jerusalem town of silwan.

according to eyewitnesses, the ras al-amud neighborhood of silwan town witnessed violent clashes between residents and occupying forces that stormed the neighborhood and fired sound bombs and gas bombs at citizens.

the clashes broke out in conjunction with the burning of the town's surveillance camera column and the incursion into the scene by large forces of the occupying army.

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