remnants of settlement industrial zones destroy nearby agricultural land

the remnants of settlement factories in the west bank are one of the main sources of pollution that are diverted to palestinian land adjacent to those factories and are concentrated in industrial areas of large settlement communities.

the huge two-century gathering east of qalqilya is a major source of pollution of the land of the nearby village of kafr laqaf, so that the waste is poured and pumped into the village's land, damaging olive trees and soil.

haj suleiman jabr, owner of land close to this gathering, says: "the presence of the so-called "industrial edirt" area next to our land is a real disaster for us and the olive trees in our land, so annually the area of land contaminated with this water and unknown waste increases and its effects the death of trees and the appearance of white patches on the soil, and is deliberately in the process of harming, settlers their policy is to sabotage around them from the land so that it is easy to seize in the future after the owners leave it due to damage to life due to remnants of life in it due to remnants of the land "despite the complaints we have filed, the problem exists."

the head of the local council nayef jabr said: "the area called adret in the past was causing a nuisance to us and after adding a laundry and a huge container industry area, its waste became more influential and dangerous, the perennial turkey olive trees were eliminated, and when trying to plant an alternative to those trees no longer the land is arable, the water of the huge laundry in the place, which specializes in washing all the covers of the israeli hospitals deliberately go to the nearby valleys and show traces of water on the surface "especially in winter, where the district's industrial administration deliberately disposes of this water with rain and the pollution is more extensive, as the rainwater transports these wastes to the farthest possible point of the rainwater and the damage is very large."

mohammed abu al-sheikh, head of the settlement file in qalqilya province, said: "the remnants of the settlements have become a problem in the palestinian environment, the settlement factories are exploiting the neighboring areas to get rid of their dangerous waste, and the israeli environment and the so-called nature authority are silent about these crimes while the palestinian is held accountable for digging a water well in the ground to collect rainwater, build a pergola, pour a small area of cement into his land, build walls around his land, or even cultivate a waterfall. in empty areas, where civil administration patrols are quickly on the scene and aerial photography does not stop around the clock."

"settlement industrial zones have a serious impact on the environment, and israeli employers prefer to build their factories in settlement areas to avoid several cumbersome and heavy costs, the process of getting rid of chemical mixtures inside is very expensive and the cost per barrel is 3,000 dollars depending on the quality of the manufactured material, while in the west bank the factory treasury costs only the price of pipes that transport this water to neighbouring valleys only," he said.

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