The Prisoners’ Affairs Authority warns of the difficulty of placing fourteen prisoners in the Negev prison

The spokesman for the Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Commission, Hassan Abd Rabbo, warned of the difficult conditions in which fourteen prisoners are living, isolated by the occupation forces in Section Six of the Negev Prison, as a result of stripping them of all their belongings and daily needs, and subjecting them to abuse and penalties, pointing out He indicated that some isolated prisoners need treatment because of skin diseases.

Abed Rabbo confirmed in an interview with Voice of Palestine Radio today, Thursday, that the isolated prisoners launched appeals to the relevant institutions to intervene and save their dignity, and that through the legal department in the Prisoners’ Affairs Authority, their names and identification numbers were collected to make the necessary arrangements for visits to them.

Abd Rabbo also warned of the dangerous health conditions of the hunger strikers, especially Kayed Phosphus, who has been on strike for eighty-five days, due to the possibility of them being paralyzed or dying and the functions of vital organs stop. A decision to freeze his detention, because this does not mean his release, and he is currently in the Israeli “Kaplan” Hospital in a difficult situation.

Abed Rabbo added that the occupation court is expected to consider today the petition against the striking prisoner, Alaa Al-Araj, about freezing his administrative detention.


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