Samsung launches its dedicated newsroom for the Middle East and North Africa

South Korean electronics company Samsung has launched its newsroom dedicated to the Middle East and North Africa, in an attempt to strengthen its marketing operations in the Arab world.
According to the South Korean "Yonhap" news agency, Samsung announced earlier this week that it has launched a newsroom website dedicated to nine Arabic-speaking countries in the Middle East and North Africa, namely Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria.
This is the first time that Samsung has launched an Arabic-language newsroom for the MENA region, although it operates international newsrooms around the world to inform its customers about new product launches and company-specific news such as business performance, investments and more.
Samsung said it launched the new newsroom to update customers in the Middle East and North Africa with its latest updates and announcements in Arabic.
With the launch of the newsroom, Samsung intends to strengthen its presence in the emerging countries of the region, which are expected to achieve economic growth and increase in their purchasing power in the future, while expanding its marketing reach to more than 300 million Arabic-speaking people.
The company's semi-annual report showed that Samsung operates a total of 20 subsidiaries in the Middle East and Africa, including a TV production plant in South Africa. Its regional headquarters in the Middle East and Africa are located in the UAE and South Africa, respectively.
Last year, the number of Samsung employees in the Middle East and Africa was 3,160 people and 554 people, respectively.
Samsung operates international newsrooms in 17 languages, including Arabic, designed for the United States, China, Europe and others. 

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