The latest James Bond movie .. “No Time to Die” grosses 121 million dollars at the beginning of its global release

The American company, “Universal Pictures”, announced that the latest “James Bond” movie has earned 121 million dollars worldwide, after its release at the beginning of this week.

The movie "No Time to Die" earned $ 35 million in British and Irish theaters, the highest revenue there since the outbreak of the Corona epidemic and the highest-grossing James Bond movie ever to achieve revenue over three days on the weekend. The week in the UK and Ireland.

The release of the film, which marks the fifth and final appearance of actor Daniel Craig as the British secret agent, has been postponed three times since its April 2020 release date due to the pandemic.

And “Universal” said in a statement that “the film made 121 million dollars without showing it in China, the largest film market in the world, and it is the first Hollywood movie to earn more than 100 million dollars in the time of the epidemic, without showing it in China.”

 The movie is scheduled to be shown in China at the end of October.

The film has not yet been shown in North America, and will be released in the United States and Canada on Friday.

“Universal” and “Metro-Golden Mayer” decided to release the film in theaters only, avoiding the trend this year by many distributors to release films on their broadcast platforms at the same time.

The action movie, which cost about $200 million to produce, won praise from film critics who said it was worth the wait.

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