Creating a smart mask that can adapt to pollution levels and air needs during sports

Face masks have become an integral part of human life in light of the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, and people who suffer from chronic respiratory problems use them to purify the air from harmful pollutants, but sometimes In low-pollution outdoor environments, high levels of air purification are not needed or while the user is doing physical exercises that require a lot of oxygen to breathe.
And the scientific journal "ACS Nano" issued by the American Chemical Society reported that a team of researchers created a smart mask that can adapt to different atmospheric variables so that it controls the amount of air that passes through it according to usage variables and different levels of pollution.
The smart mask was made of micro-fibers with electrical properties that contain microscopic pores, and these pores can widen to allow a greater amount of air to enter or shrink to reduce the amount of air that passes through them. Experiments showed that the lost efficiency in air purification using this muzzle does not exceed six percent.
The smart muzzle is wirelessly connected to an external computer that works with artificial intelligence techniques to measure the degree of air pollution and monitor any changes in the user’s breathing pattern so that he can adjust the muzzle specifications according to the user’s need and the surrounding pollution conditions.
The researchers said, in statements reported by the “Science Daily” website that specializes in technology, that it is possible to adjust the muzzle settings to suit the special needs of each user, which allows for the creation of masks with individual specifications that fit each user individually, and they added that it is possible In the future, the design of these masks should be modified so that they are lighter and smaller in size so as not to be annoying while wearing them.

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