Gaza Health: Corona´s death rate in Gaza is among the lowest in the world

The Deputy Director-General of Primary Health Care in Gaza, Majdi Duhair, said that the death rate due to the Covid-19 virus in the Strip is 1%, and it is considered one of the lowest rates recorded in the world.

In a press statement distributed by the ministry, Duhair attributed this to the extent of efforts and measures made by the Ministry of Health in maximizing readiness to deal with Covid-19 patients.

And he indicated that 425,000 citizens have received the vaccination against Covid 19 since the beginning of the national vaccination campaign at the end of last February, and so far, at a rate of 40%.

"We are still looking forward to reaching 70% of the target group of the population in order to achieve societal immunity," Dheer said.

The Director of Primary Health Care pointed out that all available vaccines are safe and sound and achieve immunity from 80% to 90%, which are excellent percentages and help reduce the dangerous repercussions of infection with the Covid 19 virus.

Dhuhair called on people with chronic diseases, weak immunity, and those receiving immunosuppressive drugs such as kidney and organ transplant patients, cancer patients and those suffering from clots to quickly go to vaccination centers to receive the vaccine in order to avoid any severe health complications that may threaten their lives if they contract the virus.

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