48 violations of media freedoms in September

The Committee to Support Journalists monitored more than 48 violations of media and journalists’ freedoms in the month of September.

The committee said that 26 violations were committed by the Israeli occupation, while internal Palestinian parties and unknown persons committed two violations. In addition, more than 20 cases of violations were recorded by social media companies, as part of the fight against Palestinian content.

The Israeli occupation forces and settlers committed a total of 26 attacks against media freedoms and press crews, injuring 10 journalists, using metal bullets, gas bombs, sound bombs, pepper gas, spraying with sewage water, beating with sticks and rifle butts, cursing and spitting on them, and threatening them with death.

Meanwhile, the occupation forces arrested and detained 3 journalists, namely Musab Shawar, who was later released, Ayman Qawariq (was arrested for days) and Asim Al-Shannar, who is still in detention.

Regarding the extension of detention, renewal and issuance of verdicts, the Israeli Supreme Court postponed the appeal hearing for director Muhammad Bakri against the ruling issued against him by the Central Court, which prevented the screening of the movie “Jenin Jenin” and confiscated all copies in Israel, and renewed the detention of journalist Nidal Abu Akar for the fourth time. And it extended the detention of journalist Ayman Qawariq for three days before releasing him.

The committee also recorded more than 5 cases of banning and obstructing journalists' coverage, and the deportation of journalist Ayman Qawariq and his prevention from visiting Al-Aqsa Mosque for a year.

The report also recorded a case of a travel ban for journalist Asim Mustafa Al-Shannar, through the “Al-Karama” crossing, to enroll in higher studies abroad before arresting him.

The report monitored 3 cases of confiscation of identity cards and press cards for journalists, preventing them from practicing their professional work and exposing the crimes of the occupation.

In the context of combating Palestinian content, Palestinian pages and websites were closed, and many accounts of journalists and media organizations were blocked, deleted and restricted. At least 20 violations were detected, 20 of which were recorded by Facebook.

The Instagram application also deleted the pages of journalists, Hassan Aslih from the Gaza Strip, Hisham Abu Shakra, and Abdel-Afou Bassam and the accounts of Bethlehem 2000 Radio employees, while the “Tik Tok” application deleted the content of the “Bethlehem 2000 Radio” account.

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