A prisoner enters a new year and the detention of other prisoners is extended

The prisoner Raafat Raji Mahmoud al-Battat (40 years), from the Hebron Governorate, entered today, Saturday, his seventeenth consecutive year in the occupation’s prisons, since his arrest on 10/2/2005, and he is convicted life imprisonment.

On the other hand, the occupation renewed the administrative detention of the prisoner Omar Abdel Wahab Hamad for a period of 4 months, the prisoner Amid al-Nuri for 6 months, and the prisoner Khairy Muhammad Bassem from Jenin for a period of 4 months for the second time.

Salem Court extended the detention of journalist Yazan Jaafar Abu Salah from Arrabeh town in Jenin Governorate, Jenin, at the end of October. He is still suspended.

The court also condemned the detention of prisoners; Muawiya Taher al-Qarm, Ahmad Mustafa Melhem, Muhammad Lotfi Abu al-Rub, Izz al-Din Muhammad Marzouq and Izz al-Din Abu Zaid for the continuation of the investigation, and indictments were issued against the two prisoners, Hussam Bani Odeh and Malik Fashafsha, while their trial was postponed to the date of November 7, 2021, and the wounded prisoner Muhammad Kamal Blue from Beit Fajr, south of Bethlehem, until 10/18/2021.

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