Center: 350 arrests during September, including 36 children and 11 women

The Palestine Center for Prisoner Studies has monitored 350 cases of arrests by the occupation authorities during the month of September against Palestinians, including 36 children and 11 women.

In its monthly report, the Center said that the occupation forces intensified arrest operations in the city of Jenin last month, which witnessed more than (60) arrests, following the repeated incursions into the city and targeting the families and relatives of the six prisoners who liberated themselves in Operation “Freedom Tunnel” and from The occupation accused them of providing assistance to the two prisoners who were able to reach Jenin before re-arresting them.

While the report monitored 3 cases of arrests from the Gaza Strip of young men who crossed the separating wire on the eastern borders of the Strip.

The Center pointed out that the occupation continues to target Palestinian women with arrests, as it monitored (11) cases of arrests of women and girls, including the student “Ghada Kawazbeh” from Hebron, Ms. “Asmaa Assi,” from the city of Jerusalem, and the young woman, “Ghadir Qarirah” from Jenin, who is the prisoner’s wife. Malik Fashafsha, “Basma Arida” from Jenin, who is the sister of the prisoner “Mahmoud Arida,” one of the “heroes of the Freedom Tunnel,” and citizen “Sherihan Shawka,” from the city of Bethlehem, to pressure her husband, “Hassan Shawka” to surrender, while the citizen “Taqi” was arrested. Zahran, who is the sister of the martyr “Ahmed Zahran”, who rose to prominence in a clash with the occupation and beyond.

During the month of September, the occupation continued to target minor children, as the Center monitored (36) cases of arrest, all of whom were students in schools, the youngest of whom were the two children, Muhammad Saleh Amira, 13 years old, and Muawiya Manasra, 14 years old, from Ramallah, and the child, Moaz Abu Al-Hawa, 14 years old, from the town. The old city of Jerusalem.

The Center indicated that until the end of last month, 6 prisoners were continuing to fight the empty bowel battle, for different periods, against the policy of administrative detention against them. For 73 days, the prisoner engineer “Alaa al-Araj” from Tulkarm has been on a hunger strike for the 55th consecutive day, and the prisoner “Hisham Abu Hawash” from Dura, south of Hebron, has continued his hunger strike for 47 days, while the prisoner “Raiq Bisharat” from Tubas continues his strike for the 42nd day in a row. Meanwhile, the prisoner “Shadi Abu Akar” from Aida camp in Bethlehem continues his hunger strike for the 39th consecutive day, in refusal to renew his administrative detention.

The Center pointed out that the occupation courts continued to issue administrative decisions against the prisoners. Last month, they issued (84) administrative decisions between new and renewal, ranging from two to six months.

He pointed out that the conditions in the occupation prisons witnessed great tension last month, and the heat approached the explosion point as a result of the punitive measures imposed by the prison administration on the prisoners following the process of liberating 6 prisoners themselves from Gilboa prison before re-arresting them.

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