The third martyr today..The occupation kills a young man east of Al-Bureij in central Gaza

Shortly before noon Thursday, Israeli occupation soldiers opened fire on the eastern border between al-Bureij refugee camp and the Juhr al-Deek area in the eastern central Gaza Strip.

According to a medical source, medical crews recovered the body of the martyr from the scene of his targeting by the occupation some time after he was injured and suffered bleeding.

The occupying forces deliberately prevented ambulances from reaching the border area to provide first aid to the injured.

There are many farmers and bird hunters in these areas who are deliberately targeted permanently by the occupation.

Earlier in the day, Israeli soldiers killed Alaa Zioud from Al-Sila al-Harithiya in Jenin after a gunbattle in Burqin. They also killed the young Israa Khazmieh, a Coptic mother of four, for allegedly trying to stab an Israeli policeman in Jerusalem's Old City.

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