UNRWA: 5 million euros from the European Union to revive the Gaza Strip

 The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) announced today, Thursday, the European Union’s contribution of 5 million euros to humanitarian aid and the recovery of the Gaza Strip, following what it described as “hostile acts” that took place in May 2021.

In a statement, UNRWA said that this contribution aims to help Palestine refugee families directly affected by the “hostilities,” noting that it will grant 800 shekels (equivalent to 210 euros) to nearly ten thousand affected families, and families will be free to choose how to use them. Grants to meet their basic needs.

EU Commissioner for Crisis Management Janez Lenarcic said, “Humanitarian needs in Gaza have reached their highest levels since the escalation of the conflict in May, with Gaza residents suffering from the effects of the coronavirus and its attendant restrictions. These grants are the European Union’s way of helping families affected people to get the dignity they deserve.”

UNRWA Commissioner-General Philip Lazzarini welcomed the contribution, saying: “Palestine refugees in Gaza need our continued support to restore their lives. This donation helps the most affected families compensate for the damage caused by the conflict they recently survived. We thank the European Union for its invaluable partnership.”

UNRWA indicated that the European Union's contribution to humanitarian aid will also make it possible to repair damaged housing for approximately 1,000 families through conditional cash transfers.

She indicated that priority will be given to the families most affected in terms of their ability to recover, such as families headed by women, the elderly or adolescents, as well as large families or families that contain members with special needs.

It is noteworthy that out of the two million Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip, about 70% of them are refugees who depend on UNRWA humanitarian aid, as the prolonged blockade has pushed a large percentage of the population below the poverty line.

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