5 martyrs, 3 of them northwest of Jerusalem

The Ministry of Health confirmed the death of three Palestinians, shot by the Israeli occupation, in the Bedouin area northwest of Jerusalem.

In a brief statement, the Ministry of Health said that the Palestinian Civil Liaison had informed it of this.

Thus, the death toll from today’s martyrs rises to five, as two martyrs were announced near the village of Burqin, northwest of Jenin, the first being Osama Subuh, and the second whose identity is still unknown, according to the city’s governor, Akram Rajoub.

Since the early hours of the morning, the occupation soldiers fired heavy bullets at a hut in the Al-Ajaba area of ​​the town of Beit Anan, northwest of Jerusalem, and explosions were heard, which led to the death of three young men whose identities are still not confirmed by the Ministry of Health.

The occupation forces imposed a complete siege on the area, and prevented citizens from approaching, while unmanned aircraft were seen flying over the area, amid combing operations.

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