Sentences, extensions and releases of prisoners

 Today, the military courts of occupation sentenced the prisoner Rafi’ Ziyad Diab from Nablus to a two-year actual prison sentence, the prisoner Ramah Saeed Fattouh from Ramallah to a year and a half, and the prisoner Raed Marei Abdul Malik from Tulkarm to actual prison terms. For a year, while it renewed the administrative detention of the prisoner “Loay Mohi El-Din Sharaawneh” from Deir Samet village in Hebron for the second time in a row for a period of 4 months.

The occupation court extended the detention of the young Jerusalemite Ahmed Al-Silwadi from the Batn Al-Hawa neighborhood in Silwan town for next Monday, the 17-year-old Salah Al-Din Ammar Al-Bado, from the Shweika suburb north of Tulkarm, for 8 days, pending investigation, and the prisoner Sakhr Fayez Moin from Jenin for a month and a half.

The occupation released the Jerusalemite prisoner Qais al-Basti after spending 3 years behind bars, the prisoner Naim Talib Dwaikat from Nablus after a 3-month detention, the Jerusalemite prisoner Muhammad Fuad Abu Sneina after a 32-month detention, and the prisoner Awni Kamil from Jenin after spending four months in Administrative detention, and the prisoner Muhammad al-Masri from the city of Lod 4 months after his arrest against the background of the gift of dignity with the stipulation of house arrest, and the wounded prisoner, the young Issa Imad al-Titi from al-Aroub camp, north of Hebron, after a 13-month detention, and he was arrested after being shot.


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