MEP O´Sullivan: Israel´s violations cannot be ignored

MEP from Ireland, Green Party member Grace O'Sullivan said: "Israel's violations of international law cannot continue to be ignored and only express concern, the European Union must wake up and become a credible actor in resolve this conflict.”

O’Sullivan added in a tweet on Twitter, today, Friday, “Four months have passed since the ceasefire was announced after 11 days of violence and bloodshed in the Gaza Strip, but unfortunately things have returned to normal, especially since the conditions of their nature are absolutely unfair and cannot be tolerated by the Palestinians. “.

O'Sullivan shared Christian Aid Global's report, which carries a warning that the unequal situation in Israel and Palestine will lead to more violence.

And she continued in her tweet: “As a member of the European Parliament delegation for relations with Palestine, I would like to highlight an important and timely report launched by Christian Aid Worldwide on the current unequal situation in Israel and Palestine, one that is undoubtedly worth reading.” .

In response to the same tweet, she explained: “I wrote to the High Representative of the European Union, Vice-President Josep Borrell, urging him to change strategy in the region. It is very disappointing to read that the Commission and the European External Action Service do not believe that this essential.

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