“World Health”: Air pollution kills 7 million people annually and tightens standards

The World Health Organization on Wednesday set stricter limits on major air pollutants, including particulate matter, which cause seven million premature deaths each year, especially in poor countries.
It is the first time that the World Health Organization has updated global air quality guidelines since 2005. Since then, the amount of data showing that air pollution affects various aspects of health has increased dramatically.
The WHO said urgent action was needed to reduce exposure to air pollution, putting the risk of disease on a par with smoking and unhealthy eating.
She said, "The World Health Organization has revised almost all indicative levels of air quality in a downward direction, warning that exceeding the new levels is accompanied by significant risks to health," stressing that "compliance with them can save millions of lives."
The guidelines are intended to protect people from the harmful effects of air pollution and are used by governments as a reference for legally binding standards.

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