A demonstration in the American city of Dallas in solidarity with the prisoners

Supporters of the Palestinian Right organized a demonstration in downtown Dallas in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners in Israeli occupation prisons, and to demand their release.

During the demonstration, which was organized by the "Students for Justice in Palestine" organization, and in which many American progressive organizations participated, several speeches were made, including a speech by the activist Jeha Villina from the Philippine Malaya Movement, in which she called for an end to US military support for Israel.

Ammar Nanjiani, of the Dallas Alliance Against Racism, expressed his opposition to racism and political oppression, stressing his solidarity with the struggle of Palestinian prisoners.

For his part, Daniel Sullivan of the Dallas Anti-War Committee condemned US support for Israel, expressing solidarity with the Palestinian struggle as a global liberation battle.

“US support for Israel is very good evidence of the reality of US foreign policy, and how it is not concerned with human rights, not interested in democracy, not interested in freedom, but it is nothing but neo-colonialism,” Sullivan said.

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