U.S. government report confirms climate change threatens economy

Washington _ Agencies

Climate change is currently affecting the U.S. and global economies, and its negative effects will worsen the situation unless stringent measures are taken to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, an important US government report said Friday.

"Because of the historical level of emissions of greenhouse gases, the losses in the United States may amount to hundreds of billions of dollars in several sectors by the end of the year," said another national climate assessment by more than 300 scientists commissioned by the U.S. Congress. Century  ".

"Without significant and sustained efforts to mitigate the global level and adapt at the local level, climate change will have a more and more negative impact on U.S. infrastructure and assets, as well as on the rate of economic growth in this century," the report said.

"The consequences of climate change beyond our borders will increasingly affect our trade and economy, especially on import and export prices, as well as companies that employ investments," experts in the report said in more than 1,000 pages.

US president Donald Trump described climate change as a "fad " questioning the responsibility of human beings. He also questioned the veracity of last year's report, which concluded that climate change was a reality that was probably caused by human activities, but that the White House had nevertheless been granted permission to publish.

Just two days ago, the President of the United States, who announced in 2017 the withdrawal of the world's first economy from the Paris climate agreement, talked about the weather to prove his suspicions. He wrote wondering in a tweet on Facebook  "The harsh and long chill wave can go beyond all the record numbers. What happened to the Earth's warming?  ".

The government report was published during Thanksgiving, a holiday period during which Americans are busy with family gatherings or shopping on the day of "Black Friday." The timing of the publication of the report raised the questions of specialized journalists.

"The report was published ahead of schedule for two important scientific meetings in the coming weeks," said a spokeswoman for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA).

The agency's own official, David Esterling, said there was no "external interference" in the report.

"Scientists have found clear and compelling evidence that the global temperature is much higher than it is and rises more quickly than has been recorded in modern civilization," he told reporters.

"This path towards the greenhouse can only be explained by human activities, especially the emissions of gases causing it in the atmosphere," he said.

"The sea level is still rising as the earth is experiencing extreme phenomena such as torrential rains and more and more frequent floods in the world, which will have consequences for economic sectors," he said, warning of "significant damage to the U.S. economy."

He explained that this report comes while  "the physical and environmental effects are very likely to be irreversible for thousands of years while others will be permanent."



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