They ambushed him and arrested him.. Dr. Nidal Al-Ardah tells the details of the abuse and interrogation with him

Despite his right hand fracture during his arrest, and his suffering from severe pain, Dr. Nidal Ali Muhammad Ardah (46 years old) did not receive health care and was treated with “Akamol” only, and was interrogated on Over the course of a week in the "Jalameh" Israeli prison.

According to Dr. Nidal, he was arrested by the occupying forces at dawn on 8-9-2021, while returning from dawn prayers at the mosque in his home town of Araba.

He says, "I was surprised by dozens of soldiers ambushed me near my house, and I did not know that they had stormed it while I was in the mosque. The occupation turned off the patrol lights so that I would not detect the ambush." After they confirmed my identity, they took me home.”

Dr. Nidal stated that the soldiers had stormed his house earlier, and aroused a state of panic and terror among his children after they broke the doors of the house during the raid. They also deliberately destroyed furniture, appliances and all its contents. My wife was in one of the rooms, and they interrogated her about my whereabouts and the number of my private car.” He continues, “After the thorough search was over, the soldiers confiscated all the cellular devices and arrested me without giving reasons.”

This comes in light of the fierce attack launched by the occupation against the families and relatives of the six prisoners who took their freedom from “Gilboa” prison, including two of the cousins ​​of Dr. Al-Ardah, who said that the soldiers took him with them handcuffed and feet to the house of the liberated prisoner in the name of Al-Ardah, who is the brother of Muhammad Al-Ardah. Who was still free and pursued at that time, explaining that they isolated him in a room alone, and held Bassem in a second room until the house search was over, during which he was subjected to field investigation for 40 minutes.

We withdrew the occupation from the town of Araba, after arresting Dr. Nidal and the brothers of Al-Ardah, Bassem, Ahmed and Raddad, and took them to the camp and settlement of “Mabu Dothan” near Ya’bad. I broke my right hand, so they untied my handcuffs and treated me with an akmol pill only.” He added, “They took us all to the Salem occupation camp, west of Jenin, and during the investigation, I suffered from severe and persistent pain in my hand, so they had to transfer me to Afula Hospital, and after discovering that my hand was broken, they put a splint on it, Before completing my treatment, he sends me back to Camp Salem.”

Dr. Nidal recounts that before he could catch his breath and rest from the effects of the injury, they transferred him to Al-Jalama prison. He says, “I was interrogated for several days. And what are the reasons if it is not related to his brother, who took away his freedom.”

He added, "They continued to pressure and interrogate me about trumped-up charges, and they did not take into account my being a doctor or my health condition. There is no respect for human beings, whether moral or therapeutic, or even the lowest rights." They tried to frame it for us.”

Immediately after his liberation, on Tuesday evening, Dr. Nidal went to the hospital for treatment, and the doctors approved the necessity of implanting platinum in his right hand, which needs a long treatment journey, but he considered what he was exposed to as a continuation of the policy of punishment and revenge practiced by the occupation against our people in flagrant violation of all international norms, laws and covenants.

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