The daughter of Trump "unpampered ".. Humble living and an uncertain financial future

Washington _ Agencies

According to press reports in the United States, the daughter of the U.S. president, Donald Trump, Tiffany, does not receive much attention from her father, other than Ivanka's fondness for her three siblings.

Tiffany, born from the wife of Trump II, Marla Malapples, did not have a sumptuous childhood despite the fact that her father was a billionaire known for his love of luxury.

Trump, who had a fortune in real estate, paid only tuition fees to his daughter Tiffany, who had been separated from her mother a long time ago, and the magazine reported that while Ivanka travels on a private plane, Tiffany and her mother are resorting to economy class flights.

Tiffany said she moved in with her mother in California after her parents divorced, and the mother took up the daughter's upbringing and care since the 1990s.

Tiffany is currently pursuing studies in law at Georgetown University, a few miles from the White House, which means that she lives in one city with her father, without appearing on official or private occasions.

Tiffany explains that her mother chose California, to guarantee her a normal childhood without any social pressure, unlike her brothers who grew up in New York City, "My mother wanted me to have a normal life, and I think she made a good decision."

Some family acquaintances say that Tiffany does not mention her father in any bad way, despite the great pampering that Ivanka has, and the sources add that the future of the rich president's daughter is not guaranteed, which many believe is mired in affluence.

Trump bought an apartment for his daughter and pays her university premiums, but Tiffany does not get the important sums of money from the famous real estate tycoon for any other costs.


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