A young man was injured and another arrested during clashes in Jenin

A young man was wounded this evening, Monday, with rubber-coated metal bullets, during clashes that erupted with the occupation forces stationed at the “Dotan” checkpoint near the town of Ya’bad, south of Jenin, and clashes erupted at the “Jalameh” checkpoint. Northeast of Jenin, following a march that started in the city in support of the prisoners and headed to the checkpoint.

Our correspondent reported that dozens of young men had closed the main street leading to the checkpoint a while ago with checkpoints and burning tires, and were throwing stones at the soldiers.

According to eyewitnesses, masked men threw locally manufactured bombs at the checkpoint on the jenin-Inside border.

The occupation forces also arrested a young man, whose identity has not yet been known, while he was near the “Salem military camp”, which is located on Palestinian lands west of Jenin.

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