1,380 prisoners will start an open hunger strike next Friday under the slogan “The Battle of Defending the Right.”

The Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Authority reported, this evening, Monday, that the captive movement decided to escalate in the face of the Israeli prison administration, which continues to abuse, suppress, isolate and brutalize prisoners at the hands of its repressive units in various prisons.

The commission indicated, in a statement, that in light of the frenzied attack led by the highest political levels in Israel and the administration of its prisons against prisoners in all detention centers, and its pace increased during the past few days after the liberation of 6 prisoners themselves from “Gilboa” prison, and the re-arrest of four of them under torture. And the abuse, the captive movement decided to defend its right and dignity to life and freedom by initiating an open hunger strike in the form of batches starting next Friday under the slogan “The Battle of Defending the Right.”

She added, that the first batch of the strike will include 1,380 prisoners from several prisons, as 400 prisoners from “Raymon” prison, 300 from “Ofer” prison, 200 from “Nafha” prison, 200 prisoners from “Megiddo” prison and 100 from “Gilboa” prison will begin to strike. 80 prisoners from Eshel prison, 50 from Shatta prison, and 50 prisoners from Hadarim prison.

The authority explained that the captive movement has developed a gradual plan for escalation during the coming period, as it decided to dissolve all the organizational bodies of all factions in various prisons, and to enter new batches of prisoners in this battle next Tuesday (9/21/2021), and 100 prisoners from the leaders will enter. The organizations went on a water strike on the Friday following the start of the strike, including Karim Younes and Marwan Barghouti, two members of the Central Committee of the “Fatah” movement.

The commission revealed that, through this battle, the captive movement will demand the following: to stop the policy of repression, abuse and arbitrary movements, end the penalties imposed on hundreds of prisoners, release the isolated prisoners to regular sections, return the detention conditions to what they were before September 5, put an end to the policy of arbitrary administrative detention and stop The renewal policy for administrative detainees, the return of family visits through the network, the implementation of visits by the families of the prisoners of Gaza, the installation of a fixed and permanent public phone in prisons, the return of the canteen materials as they were before the “Shalit Law” and the introduction of food supplies, vegetables, meat and fruits, and the re-entry of clothes through visits to the family.

The commission appealed to international human rights, humanitarian and legal organizations to stop the policy of shame by remaining silent about the crimes that are happening in Israeli prisons, and to pressure the extremist occupation government to respect the humanity of Palestinian detainees and hold it accountable for their crimes against the thousands of prisoners who are daily abused by the Israeli units of oppression and abuse.

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