Prisoners on hunger strike in refusal to administrative detention face difficult health conditions

The Prisoner Club’s lawyer, Ashraf Abu Sneina, confirmed that the prisoner Miqdad Al-Qawasma from Hebron, who has been on hunger strike for 53 days, suffers from difficult health conditions, most notably emaciation and severe weakness, as he is languishing in the “Ramleh Clinic” prison next to The two prisoners Kayed Phosphorous have been on hunger strike for 60 days, and prisoner Alaa Al-Araj has been on hunger strike for the 35th consecutive day, as they are also facing difficult health conditions.

Abu Sneineh stated that the prisoner, Qawasmeh, was transferred for a week to the Israeli “Kaplan” hospital, after his health condition deteriorated, and he was returned again to “Al-Ramla.”

The Prisoner's Club pointed out that until today, there are no serious solutions regarding the six prisoners on hunger strike in refusal to their administrative detention.

The Prisoner Club clarified that, in light of the current developments, the occupation prisons administration deliberately obstructs lawyers' visits to prisoners, and this falls within the framework of its systematic policies that aim to impose double isolation on prisoners and abuse them, and put pressure on them in an attempt to break their ongoing confrontation.

He again appealed to all concerned parties to work seriously in light of the current situation, which dictates the need for redoubled efforts to protect the prisoners from the war waged by the occupation prisons administration against them.

The Prisoner's Club called for the necessity of doubling the popular movement to continue supporting the prisoners in a manner worthy of their sacrifices.

It is noteworthy that 6 prisoners are continuing their hunger strike in the occupation prisons to refuse their administrative detention, they are: Kayed al-Fosfos, who has been on hunger strike for 60 days, Miqdad al-Qawasma for 53 days, Alaa al-Araj for 35 days, Hisham Abu Hawash from for the 27th day in a row, and Rayek Bisharat. for day 22, and Shadi Abu Aker for day 19.

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