To escape from work...employee calls himself for 55 hours

In order to avoid work, a consultant collaborating with the Swedish tax authorities had the idea of ​​calling his own phone number for a total of 55 hours until he was caught by his managers.

"Instead of answering customers' calls, Andreas called his own phone number to get busy in the system and forward the calls to other parties," the Swedish Tax Agency's disciplinary report reads.

Between March 10 and May 5, the 28-year-old Swede, who could face expulsion, called his personal number 32 times for a total of 55 hours, which equates to seven actual working days in two months, according to the tax authorities.

Some of those contacts sometimes lasted for hours.

The young man, who took up this position in May 2020, had been working from home since January 2021 due to the pandemic.

In April, one of his officials noted that his calls were too long.

The employee acknowledged his action and repeated the ball four times after that. When he was called back in May, he said his enthusiasm for the job was "very low".

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