Al-Araj: Qatar will rebuild the destroyed houses, and Kuwait will build towers and buildings in Gaza

The head of the Contractors Union in the Gaza Strip, Illab al-Araj, said today, Wednesday, that “Qatar has adopted the reconstruction of completely destroyed houses, and the money will be paid directly in installments to the affected citizens until their homes are ready.”

Al-Araj explained in an interview with the local Al-Aqsa Radio in Gaza, “Kuwait, for its part, pledged to rebuild the residential towers that were destroyed by the occupation, which are more than 35 towers and buildings,” noting that the construction will be done through tenders for contracting companies.

Al-Araj indicated that the problem of entering the Qatari grant funds was solved, and the problem of entering building materials was solved with international agreements and European pressure on the occupation.

Al-Araj said: “We cannot work without security stability, and we look at the coming days as bearing good, and it is certain that the economic wheel moves with the movement of the construction sector.”

Al-Araj added, “Construction without building materials cannot take place, and it is expected that the crossings will open and building materials will enter normally.”


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