Raids in Jenin and the arrest of the relatives of the prisoners who took their freedom

The occupation forces arrested at dawn today, Wednesday, a number of relatives of prisoners who managed to escape from the Israeli Gilboa prison two days ago, and took their freedom, while the combing operations continued throughout the dawn of the day in Jenin.

And the occupation forces stormed the town of Ya'bad, southwest of Jenin, and surrounded the house of Ya'qub Nafe'at, the father of the prisoner, Munadil Nafe'at, the citizen. They searched the house, then arrested Munadil's father.

According to witnesses, 20 patrols stormed the town of Araba south of Jenin this morning, raided several houses, then the family home of prisoner Mahmoud al-Barada and arrested his brother, the freed prisoner Radad, who spent 20 years in the prisons of the occupation, while the occupation raided the house of the family of prisoner Mohammed Qasim Casual and arrested his brother Bassem, as well as arrested Dr. Nidal al-Barada.

Throughout the dawn hours of the day, hundreds of occupation soldiers continued their combing campaigns in the towns and villages of Anin, Al-Taybeh and Al-Arqa, west of Jenin. from Gliwa prison.
Later, sources reported to “Al-Quds”.com, the arrest of the young man, Shaddad, brother of Mahmoud Al-Ardah, from his workplace in the town of Barta’a.

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