2070 children killed by occupation in 18 years

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The international Movement for the Defence of Children-Palestine (DCI) said Thursday that since 2000, the Israeli occupation forces have killed 2070 children, as well as Israel's continued trial of hundreds of children before its courts every year, with trial sessions that lack justice, while the movement has indicated that there is employment For children within settlements.

At a press conference in Al-Bireh on the 29th anniversary of the signing of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the International Movement for the Defence of Children-Palestine (DCI) explained that since the beginning of this year, the Israeli occupation forces have killed 52 children in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, noting that there are data confirming the release The fire on the martyrs was meant to kill.

The world Movement confirmed that the occupation authorities continue to prosecute between 500 and 700 children in military courts every year, in the absence of basic fair trial rights, torture, incommunicado detention and denial of the most basic rights.


The Minister of Social Development, Ibrahim al-Sha'er, said in a speech to  "jerusalem " dot com, that  "There is work to compensate children who are psychologically detained, after they leave the prison, by providing psychological support to them, in partnership with civil society institutions, it is a big work that needs a big effort."

The newly established National Council for Children, a national organization approved by the Government, aimed at uniting all efforts to reach a safe childhood and unifying work and efforts to provide services for children, he noted.

Khaled Kazmar, Director-General of the International Movement for the Defence of Children – Palestine, said, "Jerusalem " dot com, the presence of child labour within the settlements, who are exploited economically by some operators, warning of the consequences of this employment and the possibility of falling into the employment trap for children, where she addressed The movement the competent authorities to put an end to such employment within the settlements.

He spoke about the efforts made by the movement with several institutions responsible for defending the rights of the child, to prosecute perpetrators of crimes against children in international institutions, as well as the presence of field researchers of the movement documenting violations of the occupation against children in various governorates, and training children to Documenting these violations, which are collected from them and then verifying their authenticity and follow-up.

For his part, the "Palestine Children's Council", in the words of the child Manal Shahin, called for the urgent international protection of Palestinian children and the people of Palestine, in the light of the killing, siege and deprivation inflicted by the occupying forces.

Shaheen asserted that 62.6% of Palestine's children were an obstacle to their lives and that 53.8% of children were reminded by the occupation of violence. She noted that after his arrest at the occupation, the child was subjected to the most serious psychological and physical abuse during interrogation, and that the penalty for domestic detention had turned parents into jailers.

Shaheen said there was a failure by Palestinian institutions to protect the rights of children, and that the organization of policies and practical steps was not effective and affected the lives of children in all respects.

In turn, Ahmed Hamdan, from the Children's Council of Palestine, called for an international commission of inquiry into all Israeli crimes that killed hundreds of Palestinian children and civilians, held accountable the occupation for war crimes and urged the Palestinian Government to submit all the files it condemns as an official On the intentional killings and crimes committed against the Palestinian people by the International Criminal Court, and called for the release of all children detained in occupation prisons without discrimination or restriction or condition.

Hamdan also called for the adoption of policies to ensure the participation of children and the provision of opportunities to guarantee their freedom of expression in issues concerning their priorities, needs and rights, to provide high-quality education and to strengthen the positive relationship between teaching staff and students in the best interests of the child. Strengthening the role of children and the need for them to become members of all objects related to their present and future, and to provide a child-friendly budget giving priority to implementing a policy of reducing school violence, providing care for juveniles and increasing the number of child protection workers, and adopting a national policy to reduce child labour; Activating the law on alternatives to detention, taking practical steps to implement it and holding official bodies accountable for the law.

In a comment, the Minister for Social Development, Ibrahim al-Sha'er, confirmed that he would convey these demands to the Council of Ministers and to the stakeholders for their implementation.

The Director-General of the foundation  "Save the Child ", Ginvirmorhade, said in a speech that the rights of children in Palestine are violated on a daily basis, citing the suffering on barriers, the wall, settlements, the military presence of the army in schools and their surroundings and restricting their freedom of movement.

"Save the Children works with several partners on the possibility of guaranteeing and protecting children's rights, documenting violations and providing support and advocacy," Murhead said, stressing that the foundation has worked at global levels to operationalize the schools agreement as safe areas, and that Israel has not yet signed it.

In a speech, the Director-General of the International Movement for the Defence of Children-Palestine (DCI), Khaled Kazmar, confirmed the cooperation of the Public Prosecutor's Office in relation to the issue of child detention, which has been reduced in recent years, reaching 213 children since the beginning of the year after more than 1,300 children.

Kazmar noted that the presence of specialized juvenile police, but 40% of the children in detention are dealt with by the juvenile police and the rest are dealt with by other security agencies, noting that this is a violation of the Palestinian law on the rights of the Child, which has gaps in application.


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