The UN Security Council adopts a resolution calling on the Taliban to ensure a "safe" exit for Afghans from Afghanistan

The UN Security Council on Monday adopted a resolution calling on the Taliban to respect its "obligations" for a "safe" exit for all those who want to leave Afghanistan, without demanding the establishment of a safe zone that France had called for.

Thirteen of the 15 Security Council members voted in favor of the US-drafted resolution, including France and the United Kingdom, while China and Russia abstained.

The resolution states that the Security Council "expects" the Taliban to fulfill all of its "obligations," particularly with regard to the "safe" and "orderly" departure from Afghanistan of "Afghan nationals and foreign nationals" after the US withdrawal scheduled to be completed on Tuesday.

On the other hand, the decision does not refer to the "safe zone" or the protected area that French President Emmanuel Macron spoke about.

On Sunday, the French president announced that Paris and London would call at the United Nations for the establishment of a "safe zone" in Kabul to allow, in particular, the continuation of "humanitarian operations."

"I think this project is very achievable," Macron said. I hope that it will lead to a good conclusion. I don't see that anyone will oppose providing security for humanitarian projects.”

He added that the establishment of this zone "will provide a framework for the United Nations to act urgently, and in particular will allow each of us to be placed before our responsibilities, and will allow the international community to maintain pressure on the Taliban."

Diplomats at the United Nations made clear Monday that the idea was not to create a "protected area" in the strict sense of the word, but rather to compel the Taliban to fulfill their promises to allow "safe passage" for those wishing to leave the country.

"This decision is not about operations, but rather a matter of principles, basic political messages and warnings," one diplomat told reporters.

Richard Gowan, a United Nations specialist in the International Crisis Group, said that the resolution "at least sends a political message to the Taliban about the need to keep the airport open and help the United Nations deliver aid."

But he considered, speaking to AFP, that "the text is very light" in general and "Macron erred in stressing the idea of ​​a protected area at the Kabul airport" or "not expressing his position very clearly."

In the resolution, the Security Council “reaffirmed” the importance of “respecting human rights, including the rights of women, children and minorities,” and “encouraged” finding a “comprehensive” political solution with the “significant” participation of women.

He also “demanded” not to use Afghan territory to “threaten or attack” other countries, nor to harbor “terrorists.”

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