Miladinov: Strong trying to drag Gaza into war

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The United Nations envoy for the Middle East peace process, Nikolai Miladinov, on Wednesday expressed his belief that all parties are far from reaching an agreement on the bodies of Israeli soldiers and missing persons in Gaza.

"We are far from this point, and the goal now is to confront the challenges that confront us and to prevent the situation from erupting," Miladinov said during the annual conference of the Israeli English-language newspaper Jerusalem Post.

Miladiov accused various sides of trying to prevent an agreement on the lull in Gaza, and wanted to push the sector into the abyss by dragging Israel and Hamas into a war, according to his remarks.

In response to a question, was Iran from those quarters? "There is really someone who is trying to disrupt the agreement we are seeking," Miladinov said. Hint at her turn.

He expressed his hopes that those forces would be overcome. "What I have seen is that no one wants a war in Gaza now, but if it does, it will be devastating for everyone," he said.

"We hope that the forces that have been assembled to prevent the escalation are stronger than those who want to prevent them," he said.

He praised Egypt's efforts as a decisive player in the pacification dossier, stating that it had the key to the political process to end the violence.

"We have been working with the Egyptians for some years, we have no better partner than Egypt in the Arab countries, and there is a common understanding that the war in Gaza now is against the interests of Israel and the people of Gaza and against the best position in the region," Miladinov said.

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