Tunisian organizations reject Israeli occupation practices against Palestinian women prisoners

Tunisian organizations against violence against women and against execution have rejected the violence practiced by the Israeli occupation forces against Palestinian prisoners, especially female prisoners.

A joint statement, issued by Tunisian organizations, along with the Women's Department of the General Union of Palestinian Women at the Embassy of the State of Palestine in Tunis, today, Monday, referred to the case of the Palestinian prisoner Anhar al-Deek, who was arrested on March 8 last, while she was pregnant in the third month. She needs attention and medical care, especially as she is in her ninth month.

He also referred to the situation of many female prisoners who gave birth to their children inside prisons, such as Samar Sobh, Intisar al-Qaq, Magda al-Salaymeh, Mervat Taha, Manal Ghanem, Samiha Hamdan and Fatima al-Zaq from Gaza, who gave birth to her child Youssef in 2007, and he was snatched from her bosom two years later. His birth.

The Tunisian organizations called on the United Nations and the international community to take full responsibility and condemn these inhumane crimes, put pressure on the occupation authorities to provide the minimum level of medical care for the captive mother, and allow the entry of her supplies of medicines, treatment and supplies for the newborn child related to the needs of childbirth, which the laws of the occupation prisons refuse to provide. The captive is obliged to buy it from the prison at exorbitant prices.

The statement was signed by: the Women’s Department of the General Union of Palestinian Women/Embassy of the State of Palestine, the Tunisian Association of Democratic Women, the National Syndicate of Tunisian Journalists, the International Federation for Human Rights, the National Union of Tunisian Women, the National Democratic Women’s Organization “Free” and the Tunisian Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty The Tunisian Organization Against Torture, the Association of Free Tunisian Writers, and the National League for the Defense of Human Rights.


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