The occupation uproots two olive trees over 2000 years old in Ramah

Israeli Ministry of Transportation vehicles uprooted the two largest perennial olive trees near Al-Rama village in the Upper Galilee region, today, Monday.

A number of residents had fought a bitter struggle during the development works of Street 85 in order to prevent the uprooting of the two old olive trees, estimated to be more than 2000 years old.

A member of the Olive Council, Dr. Mazen Ali, "The issue of these two trees reached the corridors of the courts to prevent their transfer and threaten the continuity of their survival."

He added, “These two blessed olive trees are among the features of our Palestinian life in the country, and despite our success in the past in preserving the two perennial trees, the Ministry of Communications is committing, today, the crime of uprooting and transporting the two olive trees without taking into account their antiquity and value.”

The son of the owner of the plot, Marwan Mois, said that “an agreement was reached with the Netify Israel company that the two trees will be moved a distance of 30 meters, provided that a visitor center will be financed in the place, and the company is interested in replanting the two trees and taking care of them for a year, and we have been compensated for the land.” Confiscation, knowing that Jesus rested under the olive trees, according to the historical account.

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