The occupation proves the administrative detention of 23 prisoners.

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The military Court of occupation in the "Ofer ", the administrative detention orders issued by the so-called "military commander of the area ", confirmed the right of 23 prisoners.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, al-Assir said the court confirmed the six-month orders against prisoners: Rashad Mohammed Hammad, Ghaleb Sami Warda, Hussain Abdul Wahid Hamed, Ahmed Saleh Salah from Ramallah, Mohammed Dawood Rabai'a from Bethlehem, Walid Essam Asfour from Tulkarm, and Ahmed Maamoun Daraghmeh From Tubas, Ahmed Mohammed Alawneh from Jenin, and Ismail Hussain Ramadan from Nablus.

The Court of occupation upheld the four-month administrative detention of the prisoners: Baabis Khalil Nakhleh, Mohammed Abdul Karim al-Rum, Jabr Awad Hajji, Ahmed Ismail Hamed, Iyad Abdel Raouf Atiyah, Victor Billah Yahya of Ramallah, Mahmoud Muhannad, and Sharif Nayef Suleiman, and Ahmed Saeed Abu al-Rab from Jenin, Arafat is Ibrahim Kawasmi of Hebron and Imad Suleiman Bisharat from Tubas.

The orders issued against the prisoners were confirmed for three months: Abdulrahim Abdallah Osman from Jerusalem, and Mohammed Omar Hamed from Ramallah, and for two months for the prisoner Jamal Issa al-Qom from Hebron.


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