American institutions call on Biden to pressure Israel to stop its violations of Palestinian rights

Today, Wednesday, 5 American institutions supporting Palestinian rights launched a campaign to sign a petition calling on US President Joe Biden to pressure Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to stop the demolition of Palestinian homes in occupied Jerusalem and respect Palestinian human rights.

The petition, titled “New Prime Minister, Violations of Palestinian Human Rights Continue,” comes on the eve of the meeting that brings President Biden and Bennett at the White House, tomorrow, Thursday.

On Thursday, August 26, President Biden is scheduled to meet the new Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett in Washington, DC, who is arguably more extreme than his predecessor, Benjamin Netanyahu, and while there has been a change in the Israeli government, there has been no A change in Israel’s systematic policies of apartheid, oppression, and colonial settlement violence towards the Palestinian people.”

The petition called on President Biden to publicly demand that Israel stop the ongoing forced displacement of indigenous Palestinian families from their homes in Silwan, Sheikh Jarrah and other neighborhoods of occupied Jerusalem, and throughout Palestine, and to pressure Israel to end its illegal blockade of the Gaza Strip.

The petition also called for stopping the annual US military funding to Israel, which amounts to $3.8 billion, and preventing the flow of weapons to it, which means not agreeing to new arms deals, and to investigate and hold Israel accountable for its previous use of American weapons to injure and kill Palestinians in violation of US and international law.

In the petition, the American institutions stressed the need to put an end to the appropriation of the occupied Palestinian lands, a complete halt to the construction or expansion of illegal Israeli settlements, and an end to the arbitrary Israeli licensing system that systematically prevents Palestinians from building on their lands and dispossessing them of their property, explaining that “while Palestinians are deprived of Building permits on their land, illegal Israeli settlements are approved and built constantly.”

The organizations that launched the petition are: Americans for Justice in Palestine (AJP Action), Arab Resource and Organization Center (AROC), DSA/BDS Palestine Solidarity Action Group, Jewish Voice for Peace Action (JVP Action), and the American Campaign for Palestinian Rights (USCPR).

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