Gaza factions: We will not accept the continuation of the siege and we are moving forward with our popular activity

The national and Islamic action factions in the Gaza Strip affirmed today, Sunday, their total rejection of the continuation of the Israeli siege on the Strip, and that they are continuing their popular struggle program until their goals are fully achieved.

Speaking on behalf of the forces, Mahmoud Khalaf said during a press conference from Malaka Square, that the factions will continue their popular activities without any hesitation or retreat, until the occupation stops its hand from the Palestinian people, Jerusalem and the West Bank and even breaks the siege, and assumes its legal and humanitarian responsibilities and stops obstructing the reconstruction, siege and depriving Gaza From openness to the world, in a way that guarantees a free and dignified life, which is the right of the people and not a favor from anyone.

Khalaf expressed the factions’ rejection of the Israeli aggression on Gaza last night, holding the occupation responsible for the targeting of defenseless citizens, stressing that “this brutal aggression will not stop us and will not intimidate us from completing our path.”

He called on the citizens to continue their popular gift in Gaza, Beita, Kafr Qaddoum and everywhere.

He also called on the people of the West Bank to expand the points of engagement with the occupation and its settlers throughout the territories, saying, “so that the occupation knows that it has no survival on our land, no matter how long it takes.”

The Palestinian leader added, “Our popular activities will proceed according to a clear and specific plan and vision,” calling on the masses to participate widely in accordance with the announced activities and determinants in a manner that achieves the goals of the Palestinian people.

On behalf of the factions, Khalaf sent a message to the international community and mediators, in which he said, “Gaza is part of Palestine and no one will succeed in isolating it from its homeland and our people, and we will not accept the continuation of its siege and blackmail. and stability in the region.

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