Artificial intelligence reveals the killer´s weapon before the crime occurs.

Washington _ Agencies

The company  "Athena Security " Resolved the problem of discovering a person intending to shoot before he presses the trigger, not after recording the surveillance cameras details of the shooting incident.

The company produced that system based on artificial intelligence.

The invention of the computer vision algorithm was used when the artificial intelligence of the system  "Athena " Saw someone brandishing a pistol and waving it in the air or targeting someone else.

Artificial intelligence then begins to inform the offender that his intentions have been recorded, identified and summoned to the police. At the same time, the system sends a warning signal to the police, precisely specifying the location of the incident, which provides an opportunity to arrest the gunman and prevent him from committing the crime.

The system, created by the company  "Athena Security ", was implemented at the high school  "Archbishop Wood" in Warminster, Pennsylvania, USA. The system works in coordination with other systems that will close doors, stop elevators and establish direct contact with students residing near the gunman.

The designers of the system said that the accuracy of weapon detection is 99% in two seconds. They intend to set it to discover, along with pistols and rifles, white weapons, such as daggers and knives.


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